Reader’s Letter: Gun control creates victims

Reader Bennet Massyn writes;

I was a ranking South African Policeman for 12 years.
I left the South African Police Service in 2000 (for better income) with an outstanding service record, and fortunately with a sane and mature mind as well. I have seen and experienced all unlawful events and actions of physical violence that homicidal criminals inflict upon vulnerable and defenceless law abiding citizens, regardless of the weapons they chose to use against their victims to accomplish their murderous deeds. I can vow out of experience that gun control does not work and that it is a threat to all law abiding citizens’ constitutional right to life.

Criminals will obtain firearms, or any weapon or object to be used as a weapon, regardless of the law. Thus arguing that law abiding citizens shouldn’t be allowed to own firearms is about as practical as the argument that no one should be allowed to own firearms.

Naïve and hypocritical gun control organizations like Gun Free South Africa are empowering homicidal criminals. Fact: Since homicidal criminals, by their very definition, will never obey laws, the laws should be attuned to defeating such lawbreakers’ murderous excesses. Which in cases like this, would mean that any law abiding Citizen should be allowed to get a firearm permit and defend themselves. If you disarm all law-abiding people with no provision to protect them, then the criminals will know that they have the advantage and can kill at will… and kill they will.

Gun control activists should rather start doing something positive for society and focus on the criminals themselves, by joining the SAPS Reservists for example. Firearms in the hands of law abiding firearm owners aren’t the problem, homicidal criminals and their affiliated mouth piece, namely Gun free SA, are the problem and are a threat to law abiding democratic citizens’ constitutional right to life.

You will only leave the vulnerable (sheep) defenceless, with no proper means to defend their own lives, a capacity that licensed Firearms offer, against evil homicidal maniacs (wolves) that are roaming our streets and preying on vulnerable and defenceless Citizens.
Gun control has never – and will never work.
Gun control = lawlessness = anarchy = genocide.

The current Firearms control act of 2000 with its amendments, has had no positive effect in reducing violent crime in this Country; it had the reverse effect of empowering homicidal criminals and disempowering law abiding Citizens. Just look at the homicidal statistics of violent crime, house robberies, hi jacking, rape etc. and look at the innocent, vulnerable and defenceless victims that were targeted and in most cases brutally murdered.(Their God given right to life was unlawfully taken from them without them having any means to defend their constitutional right to life.)

As with gun free England, gun crime as they like to call it, by the hands of criminals has increased significantly since gun control or banning as it may, was introduced in that Country. The influx of illegal guns in Britain could not have been obtained (stolen) from law abiding British citizens as they do not own firearms. So where did the criminals get these illegal guns from? Same is happening in South Africa as influxes of illegal guns from neighbouring Countries are rive and impossible to control. Makes one think doesn’t it?

Violence in general has also subsequently increased in liberal gun free England as knife wielding English football hooligans and youth gangs are ruling the streets. Law abiding UK Citizens were rendered defenceless by their hypocrite government and are being” imprisoned” in their homes, too scared to go where they wish to go in fear of being attacked, robbed and assaulted. Exactly what we have here in South Africa but we have it worse, we are being attacked and killed in our own homes.
The Police cannot be everywhere all the time, some people cannot afford armed response (what a cliché), and some people are too weak and old and some are physically unable to put up a fight to protect themselves.

Through my experiences in all the years in the SAPS, I have seen that lawful self defence (protecting your right to life) through the responsible ownership and lawful use of Firearms by law abiding Citizens do work and saves lives.

Law abiding South African Gun owners are disgusted and fed up with Gun free South Africa’s lies and anti – Democratic propaganda through the media.

Irresponsible and dangerous comments by certain Gun Free SA representatives on live TV that we as law abiding Citizens do not have the right to self defence is bull and goes against our constitutional right to life.

They even use other people’s misery e.g. the Oscar Pistorius saga to fit their anti gun agenda and act on emotion in an attempt to brainwash people into joining their liberal/fascist believe that gun control or a total ban on guns is the way to go, where as IT IS NOT!
“Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” – Matthew 7:15

Sadly, our Government and gun control advocates are busy inflicting damage to law abiding Citizens’ rights to life (murder), dignity (rape) and freedom (imprisonment in our homes) through Gun control that at the end boils down to a threat to Democracy.

Gun free South Africa’s propaganda (lies about law abiding Firearm ownership) is also a disgrace to South Africa’s constitutional right to freedom of speech as they are spreading unsubstantiated lies about legal firearm ownership, that will get more law abiding South African Citizens killed by the hands of homicidal criminals.

The Democratic choice if you want to, or do not want to own a firearm lies with you, (peoples values differ) but do not try and criminalize lawful – and responsible South African gun owners through propaganda in a Democratic society, it is unethical and very undemocratic.

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