How to foil an armed robbery: DGU of the Day

Tying in with my “Why do you carry a gun?” post from yesterday, a certain forum on the internet was kind enough to post video footage of a Duncanville business owner who successfully fended off a whole gang of armed robbers who were dumb enough to hit his store.

Apparently the gentleman in question used a Glock 23 and is an active (and obviously very competent) IPSC shooter.

 Had this man not possessed the capacity to act in these circumstances, and by capacity I refer to both his weapon and his mindset, the entire situation could have ended tragically. Fortunately only the robbers were injured, since the business owner did not grant them the opportunity to do any harm unto innocent bystanders.

Gun Free South Africa would have suggested that everyone comply with their assailants’ demands, regardless of what the consequences thereof may have been. Having witnessed the difference armed defence can make, do you agree with them?

I doubt it.

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