HuntEx Drops the Ball

Own goals. Apparently one of the worst own goals in football (soccer, whatever) history happened during the 2001 UEFA Cup Final between Liverpool and Deportivo Alavés, when defender Delfi Geli scored an own golden goal to give Liverpool immediate victory as the teams were tied 4-4.

Strangely enough, you can score own goals with guns too. True story. One just happened a few minutes ago, scored by Huntex, although you can argue that it had quite a lengthy run-up. In fact, they may have scored more than one.

The whole sordid affair started in April this year when a father accidentally (negligently) shot his 8 year old son in the toilet at the Gallagher Estate Huntex. The boy fortunately survived, but his father is standing trial for the shooting. As it should be.

 Needless to say the incident created a PR disaster of near Biblical proportions, with the usual suspects weighing in on irresponsible gun owners and how dangerous guns are. Yes, the dad was irresponsible and is currently paying the price for his negligence. That’s how it should be, and that is where the buck should stop. Nobody else had anything to do with it, and an entire fraternity of responsible gun owners shouldn’t be held collectively responsible for the negligence of one man. Do we penalise all drivers because of the reckless ones? Of course not. It would not be logical, practical, or rational to do so.

 Well, Huntex and its organisers must have missed the rationality boat, then proceeded to miss the logic train too. They proposed a cunning solution to having people with loaded handguns walk around their gun expo: install an overly complicated pistol-raping device that prevents the weapon from being loaded and fired. Genius! All that it requires is for thousands of armed visitors to manipulate their weapons in designated “Safe Zones”, and have the cable-lock-thing fitted. I suppose the odds of several thousand people having to go through this rigmarole does not in the slightest elevate the very real risk of a negligent discharge, right? Let us not ask how you are supposed to reholster the thing, down that road madness lies.


 You can imagine how preposterous the very idea is of a gun expo supporting and implementing a system that disarms legal gun owners. These are the guys who should be standing up for our rights, not unashamedly trampling them beneath the same boots of Gun Free South Africa under the façade of “Public Health and Safety”.

 Naturally, when their plans were first revealed Huntex faced mounting opposition from dealers and gun owners who weren’t happy with the proposal. After all, if you carry your handgun on your person as stipulated and regulated by law, why would going to a gun show be special enough to qualify for exemption? So the various relevant parties had a nice discussion about alternative proposals and how to take the issue forward without, you know, disarming everyone attending. Apparently Huntex took their suggestions into serious consideration, and were going to get back to everyone.

 So….tonight they did:

After careful consideration, we decided not to impose a total ban on the carrying of personal firearms at the venue of the HuntEx Cape Game Fair. However, since the Fair is held within a controlled environment, where shooting exercises and competitions take place, we have to apply certain measures to ensure personal firearm safety in the public areas of the Fair.

Before entering the Cape Fair venue visitors carrying personal firearms will be directed to a designated safe area where they will have to make their firearms safe, sign an indemnity and apply a plastic cable tie to disable their firearms. They will then be allowed to carry their firearms in a concealed holster for the duration of their visit. On departure they will be free to return to the designated safe area to remove the cable tie and reload their firearms.

No firearm will be removed from the control of its owner who will be responsible for unloading and re-loading his/her own firearm. These activities will only be allowed within the designated safety area and under the control of a competent safety officer.

We look forward to the HuntEx Cape Game Fair to showcase an industry about which we are passionate. We are confident that reasonable, responsible gun owners will understand and support these necessary visitor firearm safety rules to ensure a safe environment for visitors and their families.

Now that last little paragraph is probably one of the most condescending things I have read in a long time. Go ahead, read it again. Let it really sink in. If you don’t have enough neurons to rub together to feel suitably insulted, let me spell it out for you: “We at Huntex believe that responsible gun owners are not responsible enough to trust with guns on our premises, and if you disagree with us that you are indeed irresponsible, then you are irresponsible!”

Here’s the thing Huntex; you basically implement a defacto ban on handguns and EDC at your expo, but serving alcohol is not a problem, and people are allowed to park their own cars. Isn’t that a very schizophrenic risk management strategy? What if people get drunk and run over their fellow attendees in the parking lot? Then again, what if they do something stupid in some way you haven’t prepared for? If you were really as concerned about safety as you claim to be, why stop at handguns? Seems to me you have your priorities mixed up. Ban alcohol. Ban cars. Ban guns. Ban people. Oh, wait…

 Speaking of priorities, it is also clearly a priority for Huntex to silence any voice of dissent on their facebook page. I registered my unhappiness with them about their decision, and my comment was promptly deleted. Then they banned and blocked me. Guess I must have said something really offensive, right? Like, “all your hunting rifles are ugly, and your mother smells like baby powder!” Well, gosh darn it, this is my blog, and I can post my comments here whenever I want:

 That last paragraph is one of the most condescending things I have read in a long time. Sorry folks, but you stroked the cat badly with this one. I will not be supporting your expo, and I will encourage my friends and family to do the same. If I am not welcome on your premises as a responsible firearm owner carrying a handgun for my protection as granted by the law, then I will simply spend my money elsewhere and not waste my time. If you are really as serious about safety as you claim to be, then you would have curtailed selling alcohol at a gun show. Seeing as that everyone knows that liquor and firearms don’t mix. Perhaps it must still sink in with a few people on your side. Adieu.

 Offensive much? Yeah, I don’t see it either. Maybe I’m becoming blind, or illiterate, or both. HuntEx sure are overly sensitive when it comes to handling criticism.

 Apparently I was not the only one, with a fair amount of folks on the People Against Gun Free South Africa page registering similar complaints of deletion. Thus I suspect it is reasonable to conclude that Huntex exercises across the board censorship and banning whenever it suits them to.

 Do you know who else implemented gun control, disarmed his populace, “deleted” people, and exercised extreme levels of censorship? This guy:

7470286_orig Glory for Mother Russia?

 We as firearm owners have so few rights and privileges in this country of ours, it is actually frightening. Those rights are threatened on an almost daily basis. Therefore it is more crucial than ever that all gun owners stand together against our collective opponents, regardless of what our personal interests may be. Hunters, I know many of you don’t giving a flying monkey about handguns and guys who EDC. However, if you cannot fully appreciate how disingenuous and downright irresponsible it is of Huntex to propose such a blatant infringement on our rights, then I fear you will soon be without hunting rifles because the battle will be lost. For the sake of doing that which you love most you need to get onboard the same bus as the rest of us, and help us fight our common enemy. We need to stand shoulder to shoulder on this issue, and nobody gets left behind. Not hunters, not sport shooters, not the EDC crowd. Nobody.

 Let’s let Huntex know that this was a bridge too far.

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  1. I feel for the exhibitors who have been put in an extremely difficult position. In the current economic climate, they need to use every marketing and sales opportunity, but now they are put into a position where they have to choose to boycott Huntex because of its stance (and lose sales), or go and lose customers permanently because of their support for Huntex’s unconcienable policy.

    I won’t go to Huntex until they change this ridiculous policy, but I will also remember which businesses made the difficult choice to boycott Huntex, and support them with as much of my business as possible.

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  2. Following his absolute disrespect and blatant discrimination against law abiding responsible firearms owners. Adrian Woudstra should resign his position with Huntex. He is a disgrace to firearm owners in South Africa. Despite the fact that Woudstra has said he welcomes comment, he has blocked me from his Facebook page. This reinforces the fact that he has a propensity towards knee jerk reactions, a distaste for freedom of speech and an innate hatred for firearm owners. you sir are trying to defend an indefensible position. Apologize and walk away.


  3. Most people do not realise how much of an impact this has on firearms owners as a whole, they have just provided a whole arsenal to any anti organization! I will personally drive my own “boycott” against Huntex, and needles to say we will not be taking a stand there, have been in deep discussions with Kelly Mccann about the marketing opportunities at Huntex, but hey that all stopped dead in it’s tracks. Maybe one of the best responses will be to start something new for firearm owners, the Big Shot Show slowly died, and seems to me Huntex are adamant to have a much quicker exit out of the industry, maybe it is time that true firearm owners not just hunters, and not just sports shooters or edc people but true firearm enthusiasts start a new thing, I will gladly take hands in such a project. Once again thanks to all that took this fight right to Huntex!

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  4. Rights are rights & freedoms are freedoms and ALL should be defended absolutely by responsible like minded folk. The PROBLEM starts with SELECTIVE defence of freedoms or rights based on an individuals OWN perspective.
    Gunservant has very ably stated his case here and I agree BUT, then he deflects and attacks another freedom/right; alcohol! What has this to do with the issue? I DON’T carry (my choice) but after walking around a big expo I like nothing more than to sit down and enjoy a nice meal & a beer. My right/freedom? I am there for the HUNTING stuff (maybe even camo) but his tone intimates that MY stuff is the problem?? Quote: ” They sure are overly sensitive for a bunch of guys in camos and hunting rifles”
    If you WANT this argument to fly, re-write it in a manner that ALL of us can get behind ALL of it please….


    • Hi Stephen,

      I have no problem with whatever decisions adults make regarding their habits. What I am trying to point out, is that it is a far greater lapse in safety-consciousness on their part to effectively ban EDC, but see no potential issue arising from alcohol being served at the venue.

      That is hypocritical.

      If they banned both it would have been less schizophrenic, but this selective discrimination against one perceived hazard whilst ignoring another is nothing other than kowtowing to the opposition.

      Had HuntEx straight out told us that EDC and handguns are not welcome it would have been less cowardly than what they now chose to do: they do not have the guts to ban handguns and EDC, so they implement a convoluted and poorly thought-through system that results in a defacto ban anyway.

      Obviously it is not “your stuff” that is the problem, but rather “my stuff”. And that is something I am going to call the organisers of this event out on.

      And yes, if they sensor my commentary on their page they are an oversensitive bunch who cannot handle being called out on their own ineptitude and hypocrisy.

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      • Hi G.

        I really like the article and I agree with the vast majority of what is said. Unfortunately Stephan has a point. The defending of rights can have a double edged blade at times.

        Sure I agree, HuntEx deployed a full retard knee jerk solution. Why ban one and not the other? I personally believe that if we demand to be treated like responsible adults with our EDC firearms then the same should apply to alcohol.

        But let me paint a picture to try and describe what I mean. This year at HuntEx in Midrand I decided to get “VIP” tickets for both my old man and myself. We arrived early and managed to view all the halls, twice. I would say that we decided to call it a day ±30 minutes before closing time. We ordered a drink each and had a chat about bits and bobs and other rubbish. We even engaged in conversation with an exhibitor that we know. My dad had a beer and I a soda.

        I’m of the opinion that me not also enjoying a cold one had more to do with not wanting to get in trouble with Metro. Justified or not I did not have the strength to argue with them should I have been pulled over as we leave the Gun show. I personally don’t think I would have transformed into a Nimrod should I have had one Windhoek.

        But that is me, I try my best to behave like a decent person in public places. I’m far from perfect but experience has thought me to plan ahead and adjust accordingly.

        Personally I’m with you. I do however feel that the only ones that should “land under the bus” so to speak should be GFSA and their supporters. (those who attack my freedoms) But only after we tried to convert them. :). (We tried with HunEx – they told us to get stuffed)

        I hunt. I EDC, I hope to join the sporting and collecting side of things in due time.

        Thanks for the hard work, you rock!


      • Thanks for the commentary Moomin, I really appreciate it.

        As I told Stephen, the alcohol is an issue for me due to the hypocrisy of the organisers. I am not going to prescribe to responsible adults how they should behave: I am not qualified to do that 🙂

        I hope that the message isn’t lost due to my comparison, but I will see how I can reword that bit to make it clearer to the reader what I mean.


    • That is pretty much his point as well. He isn’t attacking the alcohol, except everyone I know says guns and alcohol don’t mix. He is putting it up as an example of the two faceness of Huntex, who won’t allow you to carry your holstered loaded firearm, which is perfectly legal, but they are willing to allow people to drink and then drive, which isn’t legal. It isn’t about “making things safe” it is about screwing over the EDC crowd for a veneer of Cover Your Ass.

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  5. Wonder what exhibitors had to say about the possible drop in numbers (both in private and out in the open)?
    [devils advocate]: How do I protect myself from the minority negligent gun owner at a show? They do exist. Just like the road rage passenger of a Porsche recently driven by an accomplice. At a range there is a range officer and all guns are made safe and holstered. The old adage of only pointing your firearm at something you are willing and prepared to shoot falls short on many deaf ears. I don’t go to these do’s simply because I’ve been at the business end of so many barrels being pointed at me during handling and demonstration that I just cringe. It is simple to point the arm at the ground or away from Joe Public. My Dad hammered it into me and I’ve hammered it into my son. He knows.

    Social media last year cottoned on to the Huntex web site and open forums and they started receiving the usual derogatory verbal abuse, coupled with foul language and aggressive libellous slander so common of the libertarian anti-gun ilk.

    Simple solution I think is to have enough signage and PA advertising going on about keeping your firearm concealed and holstered. Only at a stall may it be removed under the supervision of the exhibitor who should be very versed and able him/herself. Fingers OUT THE TRIGGER at all times! Whilst this may be one of the few places you can open carry, I really don’t think there’s a need to, especially to stroke ego’s or show off your Desert Eagle…. [/devils_advocate]


  6. Indeed Gunservant it IS your last paragraph I think of when I state in my last sentence:

    “If you WANT this argument to fly, re-write it in a manner that ALL of us can get behind ALL of it please….”

    In other words, give me something I can take to MY constituency which is hunters, so that we CAN all get behind. And starting with an article that points fingers directly at (many) hunters won’t do that.


    • Which bit specifically is offensive to hunters, if you don’t mind pointing it out? If it is the “hunting rifles and camos” bit, sure: it won’t detract from the debate to lose that sentence.

      The alcohol comparison is crucial to my argument though, and must stay.

      PS. I’ve already changed that sentence to something a little more appropriate, and still relevant.


  7. Ok. let’s not create a major tit-for-tat debate in public between what should be two sides of the same coin (pro-firearm interest groups) The tone was such that I was not prepared to spread your fundamentally good argument through my (hunting) media as it stood.

    On the matter of the alcohol it is simply an example of their skewed view of things and you may have an argument there, but I feel that we have enough of an argument without using such an example. We have had similar issues within differing “ideas” of what constitutes legitimate hunting, and I personally believe that to preserve our rights/freedoms we need to start by drawing no lines. We fight for FREEDOMS period, so if it’s legal & sustainable we defend it. if it’s illegal but should be legal we take that argument to the relevant places to change the law. Picking on one thing to save another will result in the loss of both. A hunter who believes ONLY hunting for the pot and thus hunting cats should be illegal is a step closer to losing his right to hunt for the pot…

    I WANT you to go to Huntex carrying as you prefer and as is your legal right. You are welcome to all the Cola you want. I want to go to Huntex and sit after the walk with my mates and have a beer.

    Further, as a representative of “organised” hunting structures I am afforded a voice as a firearm stakeholder. To do justice to that position I want/need to know and bear responsibility for, OTHER firearm group interests & concerns. I do not relish a time when the ONLY gun rights left to defend are hunters, as we will then have lost the war…


  8. Firearm owners, including myself, have been put through Competency Test, our integrity been put to the test for every Firearm that we own and we have been found Competent and able, by the Firearm Control Act to own and carry a Firearm, no one else should have the right to judge otherwise. I also agree with the statement about Firearms and Alcohol that should not be mixed. That is 100% correct. Yes one Beer or two wont get you intoxicated, I know, but still… That’s like selling Alcohol to Racecar drivers before a Formula 1 race. However, Alcohol probably generates a big part of the income at such an event…need I say more. The other problem I have is that this will cause unnecessary handling of Firearms and will be more dangerous. Can you imagine, how many Firearm owners will be going through the gates, and then they have to be shown to an area big enough and safe enough to handle Firearms. Each Firearm owner will then have to be shown how to use this system. We are not talking one or two Firearm owners, but rather hundreds to thousands. Doing this will also have other implications, one being that this will cause a soft target for criminals. As we have been preaching for so long, creating a Gun Free or in this case a Empty Gun Policy, will not stop criminals and may in this case encourage them. Imagine – hundreds of Firearms in one place up for the takings and not one of them loaded. Easy pickings!? As a Firearm owner, this puts me and my family at risk and I cannot see the Organizers of the Expo guaranteeing my safety, because the only way they can do that is by having armed security, with loaded Firearms present, but wait, that would be in direct violation of their “rules”
    With Regards to the last paragraph of the statement made by “Huntex”: I have NO WORDS! As Firearm owners in South Africa our rights are threatened regularly. We explain our selves to anti’s, friends family and write pages and pages of motivation for one single Firearm license and now it seems we have to fight the same people or industry that is supposed to me supporting and backing us. GFSA are probably having a celebratory party right now, they succeeded in getting one of the biggest Firearm Expo’s to turn on its own community and now they can use it against us by saying that if Organizers of the biggest Firearm Expos don’t trust their own customers with loaded Firearms, how can the rest of the country. It’s sad to say the least.
    I was very much looking forward to going to, what would have been my very first Huntex. Previous years I have not been able to due to work. It seems I will be giving it a miss this year aswell


  9. Awesome of Steven to engage, clarify and help spread the message among the more hunting oriented community in the spirit of fighting for our collective rights. I’ll gladly buy you a cold one although, as things stand, not at Huntex.

    By the way, I hunt, EDC and do sport shooting. I wonder how many SAHGCA members (them being the organisers of Huntex) are like me. I suspect the Huntex organisers have not taken this little fact into consideration.


    • I agree.

      Even though people within the firearm owner community and its different spheres can bump heads from time to time, Stephen has done incredible work for our community.

      Per Aspera ad Astra


  10. I am trying to understand your point of view, but I am failing to come up with a legitimate reason for carrying a loaded weapon at a crowded public event. Are u expecting to shoot something?


    • Hi VMA

      My pistol is always loaded “1 up”. My pistol is always with me. Obviously excluding the moments were I happen to be doing things that prevent me carrying, like not wearing pants.

      My loaded firearm has been to various shopping malls. It has been to various banks. It has even been to a few HuntEx expo’s before. Not once has it done anything it should not have. Not once have I been overcome by the urge to remove it from it’s holster and play with my fingers inside the trigger guard area. Not once was a single person around me in danger.

      But none of this answers your question. So let me try.

      I carry 1 up, always. My pistol was designed to be carried that way. I train accordingly. I handle my firearm accordingly. There has been enough evidence to prove that 1 up is better for when you need to use said firearm, should you ever find yourself in a predicament that requires you to use it.

      I must note that I have seen people that don’t carry 1 up. I’m happy they are happy. What does worry me is the false sense of security they develop combined with their poor trigger discipline. Because “It’s not loaded”.

      BTW. HuntEx is not asking us to not carry 1 up. They are asking us to completely disable our firearms. They are creating a dangerous environment with unnecessary firearm manipulations at the entrance. HuntEx has used a page directly out of the GFSA guide. Because think of the kids.

      Please elaborate on why you deem it not necessary.

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    • Hi VMA,

      I wrote a relatively through explanation as to why I carry my pistol. Here is the link for you to peruse at your leisure:

      In short, I do not defer responsibility for my personal safety to anyone else, and I am not naive enough to believe that criminals will not target me in certain locations. Crime is after all omnipresent.

      I would go so far to say that it is more dangerous and irresponsible to own a firearm for self defence and then leave it in a safe: it can do you no good there, and if you are attacked in your home you will effectively donate your gun to criminals.

      Lastly, if it is my right as granted by the provisions laid out in the FCA of 2000 that I may carry my firearm anywhere except a gazetted gun free zone, why is an event organiser that is supposed to represent my rights trampling upon it?

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    • I’m not expecting to shoot something, but then I never am any other time when I have my pistol with me. Unfortunately you don’t get to decide when and where you may need to shoot something, unless you decide to go out hunting and even then the animal gets a say.

      I don’t expect to get into a car crash on the way there either, but I will be wearing my safety belt and have my airbags turned on. I don’t expect to have my house catch fire but I still have firefighting equipment in it. I don’t expect to need to manually keep someone alive while waiting for paramedics, but I can to CPR.

      Do I honestly think I’ll NEED the gun loaded and holstered at Huntex? No. But I WANT it, in case the unexpected happens. Legally I’m allowed to do that and expect that right to be recognized by a so-called pro firearms exhibition. If they can’t see the blatant insult to anyone who EDC’s by forcing them to unload and disable their guns while they are having a live fire demo of hunting rifles then they don’t deserve my money.

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  11. Hi VMA

    I think the basics of your question have been more than adequately answered above. I would like to add one or two little bits though…

    Firstly, one of the fundamental arguments against the gun-less (gunfree?) argument is CHOICE, and a LOT of effort has been put into arguing that competent persons should have the choice as to what self defence regimen they have. By removing that choice at a gun show gives credibility to their argument that we don’t NEED this option of self defence. Where will that line in the sand move to when OUR side is drawing it so far away from us already?

    Another point. The incident last year was such unbelievably ironic bad luck, against all statistics and likelihood. But it happened. The last thing we should do is some major knee-jerk reaction giving credence to the mythical intrinsic “dangers” that hang like a ominous cloud over guns. Gun shows are an opportunity to “normalise” peoples mind-set regarding firearms. What message does a few hundred legitimate gun owners queued up at a gun-show gate, trying to “make something safe” that we spend years trying to educate people are safe in the first place, send?

    Lastly, and this is just my opinion, I get the bejeezers-angry in most public restroom toilets because of the total inadequacy of racks, shelves & hooks to put personal things. Nowdays with cellphones, glasses, perhaps a packet of purchased items in hand, to go into a toilet and drop your trousers is near impossible. It’s no real wonder to me the poor kid was shot as his dad was probably trying to juggle all this stuff, in a society where you cannot even confidently leave your kid to safely wait while you just nip into the john!

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  12. Ok so I see people asking why should there be a need to carry at a crowded venue. Anyone who EDC’s will know the answer, however let me give my perspective after working at Huntex for the past 3 years. Anyone who has faith in the venue security has blinkers on. Lastyear there was a lot of commotion between the security and some of us vendors there when we were told “unsavory” people got in with fake armbands. Needless to say we were harassed by a few of the walkietalkie wielding security about that. So yes, even in a big venue like that , incidents can happen. The unnecessary unloading of the firearms is not needed. More people need to realize this could be just the start. If people are not vocal and don’t object to this, what next? No ammo sales? No shotguns? Then no rifles?


  13. @VMA: Perhaps rather try rather thinking about the convenience of being able to wear your weapon to the show.. and not leaving it in the car. Then also the alternative problem of if the organisers wanted personal firearms to be stored safely at the show, where would you stash perhaps up to 5,000 weapons on any given day.


  14. As a person who spent much time and effort in this fight nothing disappoints me more than watching one group of gun control supporters have a go at another group of gun control supporters when I can see that both are supposedly in favour of firearm ownership and our rights. What does this actually say about them?

    SAHGCA (Huntex) were instrumental in talks with the SAPS and government to the detriment of firearm ownership but in truth no organisation with the exceptions of the early GOSA, BGOASA and SALGO were in the least concerned with the FUTURE of firearm ownership our rights or our safety. I defy anyone to produce a statement from a firearm organisation that was not a suck up to the FCA after 2000.

    The money lost by greedy idiotic dealers 700 of them, who would not pay for an organisation to to protect their business could have sunk gun control 6ft under concrete. Instead they chose to watch with interest with SAGA pretending the FCA would bring a bounty to them much like SAHGCA.

    When we see the petty self interests trying to protect to-days minute patch of turf it is pathetic to say the least. Any businessman can tell you that you cannot piss off your clients by calling them irresponsible or even hinting at that.

    What happened was an accident clear and simple. Tragic yes, unfortunate yes, usable by gun control and other adversarial parties yes. But admitting in public firearm owners need special treatment when in crowds or anywhere else is selling out your future as well as derogatory and untrue. Anyone who supports a cretin like that gets all they deserve. Be proud of who we are. Upstanding honourable citizens not second class trash that needs special treatment.

    God help us when such cretins are allowed to think for us and run our organisations. When they “negotiate with our rights” literally giving them away and have yet to defend them at any time now or in the past. Our rights are our safety, firearm owner or not. It is my choice how I defend myself and I subcontract my safety to nobody, least of all government.

    When is somebody going to fight GUN CONTROL instead of agreeing with it. Is our safety and security fine in governments hands and you only need a firearm for sport, hunting, amusement… or are you willing t put your mouth where your future and safety are?


  15. Posted on Huntex FB page.

    Crimefree Za What a pity I was looking for an organisation that protected my right to choose the best method to protect myself, my safety, property and security. Firearm owners throughout the world are responsible and sports are safe enough and do not need protection unless one is protecting a business interest.

    However all of that is a moot point when short sighted greedy individuals see no need to protect the future from inroads of those who prefer to see us with no rights.

    Pandering to government and gun control at the cost of your clients reputation, good name and credibility has to be one of the more insane acts SAHGCA have done out of a could not care less attitude or just plain stupidity. Take your choice.


  16. A comment on the HuntEx page worth sharing:
    “This was never a question of gun locks vs. cable ties vs. one up. It is a question of pro gun rights and anti gun rights. You are imposing needless restrictions so that the outside world may give you a thumbs up. “You have done something” even if that something is a kneejerk reaction without merit or any value. In fact it may have the opposite effect if the admin process cause an ND. But you insist that responsible adults will agree with you and insinuate that those disagreeing are something other than level headed gun owners.”


  17. Hi Guys,
    I’m a 3 gun sport shooter, EDC and occasional hunter. I concur with the “gunservant85″‘ article and will not be attending the Huntex shows going forward.

    I would like to raise another issue that I picked up at Huntex and that is the way certain people carry their firearms. It was frightening to see how many people misunderstand the concept of “concealed” and safe carrying of firearms. I saw a couple of people carrying their arms in such a way that I would have been able to sneak up from behind and draw their own firearms and shoot them with it.

    One specific persons handgun (CZ 75) was about to fall out of the holster and when someone made mention that he should carry it properly and conceal it almost ended up in a fight. We had numerous SAPS members present at the show but I didn’t see anyone speaking to these “cowboys” regarding the way they carried their firearms. Again this creates a negative perspective out there around legal firearm owners.

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    • Hi Alex,

      Thanks for checking in and saying your piece!

      Yes, there is a definite need to educate people about CCW.

      There are a number of people out there who don’t understand why we want to EDC our firearms. Then there is also the bunch who don’t understand how to do it correctly themselves or why it is important to do it right.

      As a community we can address these issues.


    • This makes no sense to me. On the one hand you wont support Huntex as they have the ‘wrong attitiude to responsible gun owners’.. Yet in the same paragraph you mention how some people walk around at the expo with exposed guns in a dangerous manner?


  18. Well said Bryan. Unfortunately many business would rather see the size of their clients reduced than annoy the master, government or gun-control. You would think by now firearm owners were smart enough to boycott anyone and anything that supports gun control in the slightest. That includes the dealers who make money out of them and organisations that think firearm owners are a bottomless pit because government gave them cash customers.


  19. It is none of my business but why the heck do firearm owners rather criticise each other and point fingers of blame like they were trying to protect themselves for gun control claiming they are cowboys or something. Are they so frightened that the SAPS or government might further restrict them because of “bad behaviour” of a few? ***That just like Huntex and SAHGCA they are willing to sacrifice good people in order to show the master they are exemplary collaborators?***

    I think the problem is that there is no organisation that will actually protect our rights. I might be mistaken but fix that by telling me which organisations stands up and fights for our rights?


    • Apart from GOSA we have a very big friend in CHASA: they believe in standing up for all our firearm rights, not just hunters. They are good people, and they are worth joining even if you don’t hunt.


    • SAGA
      Recently a Cape “Gun” Association (? can’t find the report right now) won an award against the SAPS and the minister making the wrongly held idea (and position of the SAPS) that old licenses (pre FCA 2000) were unlawful, lawful. Pity that thousands of perfectly good firearms were handed in during the switch from old licenses to new, including some irreplaceable collectors pieces. That either ended up in Yskor’s melting pots, under a steam roller or in criminal hands thanks to a number of klepto cops.


  20. I struggle to see the logic behind this argument.

    If an airline or airport tells you you can’t fly with a loaded weapon onboard despite the fact that you have a ‘competency certificate’, does that mean the airline is anti gun, thinks all gun owners are irresposible, and secretly wants to collaborate with the government to remove all guns from its people??

    No, of course not.

    Does that mean that all gunowners should now turn up thier noses at the airlines and say ”we’re never going to get on another plane again because of your ridiculous attitude toward gun owners”??

    No, that would be silly.

    Why wouldnt you go to an event that supports gun ownership and responsible use of firearms?Why all the negativity?

    You’re not going, simply because of a percieved slight on your part.

    If I had to react this way each time my wife did something wrong I guess I’d have been divorced a hundred times over by now…Nobody and nothing is perfect.


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