The Firearm Blog has our back, HuntEx

Steve Johnson, the Editor-in-Chief of The Firearm Blog was kind enough to weigh in on the HuntEx issues that we have been subjected to. This is a heartwarming gesture of international support for our cause from the global leader in gun rights, the United States of America. Please show support for Steve’s blog in return, although he has so many readers I don’t know if he would notice the difference!

Here is an excerpt from his article:

Gun/hunting expos the world over seem to take a perverse delight in biting the hands that feed them. This time the largest South African gun/hunting expo decided to ban personal firearms from being carried at the event. My understanding of South African gun laws is that once you go through the crazy long process of getting a gun licensed you can carry it just about anywhere. The HuntEx organizers relented, after a lot of pressure, but now they will zip tie any personal guns on entry to ensure they cannot be fired. Gunservant.compublished the expo’s response to their backlash

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