HuntEx: Stand By

It has been a busy night. After extensive communication between all relevant parties and HuntEx, it has been established that the breach of the agreement was due to a miscommunication between management and a Range Officer.

We shall find out if this matter has been satisfactorily corrected by tomorrow and Sunday.

In the meantime I retract my call for the continuation of the boycott, and I hope that despite this unfortunate snag we can all continue to support the expo. A retraction of a retraction, who would have thought?

None the less, I would personally like to see this series of incidents investigated, since it places the whole safety focus of the event in jeopardy. The firearm owner in question had to handle and unload his weapon in a tent and not a designated safety area, with none of the recommended equipment to facilitate the safe unloading of his firearm present.

This brings the argument that the previous amendments were in the interests of safety into serious scrutiny, considering that the correct and infinitely less complex procedures could not be adhered to on day one. What is the purpose of prophesising safety when it cannot be correctly safeguarded?

In any case, we as the firearms fraternity shall keep a close eye on developments at the sharp end of this situation, and report on it as matters develop.

Stay sharp.

One thought on “HuntEx: Stand By

  1. For what it is worth an article I wrote. My apology for the formatting junk not visible when posted.

    What is the true condition of civilian firearm ownership around the world, is it flourishing or in serious trouble?

    It takes only a few minutes of research to see that every country in the world is continuously increasing and strengthening restrictive private ownership firearm laws. Unreasonable unwarranted laws that discourage in a multiplicity of directions in order to decrease popularity and increase the difficulty of ownership for any reason. Sports, self-defence of home or carry, collection, display, recreation or any reasonable use are being hampered and abolished by legislation. Lives lost and serious injury being a terrible consequence of rendering yourself unprotected from the criminal element.
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