East Coast Radio fails at being anti-gun

East Coast Radio recently ran a Facebook poll on whether or not civilian firearm ownership should be banned. They did not even attempt to remain impartial, adding a hashtag of #BanFirearms to their post.

I don’t know if this was merely a slip-up on the radio station’s side, or if it is indicative of a more sinister agenda. None the less, this sort of conduct is grossly unprofessional and disgraceful, considering that East Coast Radio is bonded by the Broadcasting Complaints Commission to remain impartial and unbiased. So much for that, right?

Fortunately the opinion poll resulted in a verdict overwhelmingly in favour of private firearm ownership. A victory for rationality and sensibility, and immensely heartwarming for yours truely. It was fantastic to see so many people from different backgrounds stand together on this issue.

The best bit is that it was a spontaneous response, no scripting and no planning behind it.

East Coast listeners; I frigging applaud you. In fact, I love you guys!

Oh, and what caused this sudden opinion poll in the first place? The tragic murder-suicide of a policeman and his girlfriend. A tragedy that has nothing to do with private firearm ownership what so ever.

Clearly there is not a grave these anti-gun degenerates aren’t willing to dance on. Nice way to keep it classy ECR.

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