Gun Free South Africa are manipulative liars

Caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Twice. By people who you hate. That must sting something fierce.

It hasn’t been a good time for our friends at GFSA. Apart from their Adele Kirsten admitting on live television to Paul Oxley from GOSA that she makes use of armed response (people with guns guarding GFSA! Who would have thunk it?), they have now lost the appeal that their infamous “If your gun was there so were you” television advertisement was misleading and untruthful. The original ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority was the result of SAGA laying a complaint about the ad.

GFSA chose to attempt an appeal. Which…um…didn’t work.

Liar Status confirmed?

Thank you SAGA, you guys are doing a heck of a lot of good lately. Two thumbs way, way up!

6 thoughts on “Gun Free South Africa are manipulative liars

  1. I did some searches and found approx. websites still showing this advertisement as at 20 Jan 2015. Informed SAGA and ASSA. Google Gun free Sa if your gun was there. Go for images. One site has +- 10 links as the advertisement also won a Loeries silver. So all sites referencing the Loeries award also show the same advertisements.


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