Update: Don’t Panic

Plenty of things have been happening in our little firearm world as of late, sewing confusion, anxiety, and more than a little panic. I do plan on addressing these issues and attempt to give information and clarity where I can, but at the moment I am happy to leave them in the hands of our relevant organisations until such time as the period for public commentary arises.

The guys are talking to eachother as far as I know, and they have a plan.

So, to tie you over until I have time to get behind a keyboard again good and proper, and type something up to satisfy your collective curiosities, I think it is appropriate to give advice straight from Douglas Adams:


 Cool. Dandy. Now that that’s out the way.

I have received a few awesome submissions, and I am in the process of editing them up for publication. I have been busy assisting on a project for our common cause, and I can foresee that I will be doing quite a bit more helping out in the near future. It’s a little hush-hush right now, but it’s going to be really good when it’s out there. So, you awesome folks that have sent me stuff to publish: I haven’t forgotten about you. I am just a little swamped, but I am sure you understand.

I have a brief little CCW / EDC related rant I will post shortly, and I hope you will enjoy it.

Have a super Saturday folks,

The G-Man.



One thought on “Update: Don’t Panic

  1. I believe what you are hinting at is the draft of the new FCA amendments recently announce by the ANC government and heralded with their partner GFSA. It is reported that like the FCA this is a collusion between government and GFSA who seem to be working hand in hand. It would not surprise me that a Workshop was organised for GFSA to win over officials as was done for the FCA.

    This “plan” from what I can put together from snippets from facebook pages and websites was hinted at by Paul Oxley on the GOSA face book page, since mysteriously vanished, Paul a strategy cannot be worked on without a goal at the very least. What is the goal? BTW nor can a plan.

    We all know that no firearm organisation to date has ever had a plan it was willing to disclose. That this lack of objectives and plans gives Cart Blanche to officials to do anything they want not what is good for members.

    I am sorry to say you are putting your faith in people whose only accomplishment so far has been to surrender our right, safety and security to government.

    I wish I could be more positive but even as it stands right now not one organisation will object to or fight gun control. They all want to collaborate and achieve some mythical gun control we can live with and are happy to accept in some form of radical perhaps idiotic belief gun control can be appeased.


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