Stupidity is infectious.

We can’t always make the right decisions all of the time. We are human, thus we tend to slip-up ever so often. Sometimes we do really awkward things, especially when we are impulsive. The Cape Cobras cricket team, or rather their management, today crossed over into some seriously awkward territory (of the Uncanny Valley kind) by pledging their support for SAFA’s “gun free campaign”.

Specifically Western Province Cricket said; “We call on all South African sport fans and members of society to join SAFA and the Nashua Cape Cobras in committing themselves to peace and a gun-free society.”

*Endless Facepalm*

The irony is pretty cruel in this one, considering that one of their star players and his wife regularly spend time on the shooting range, and often appear in the GunAfrica magazine to boot. Awkwardness in the dressing room much?

Cape Cobras, I get it: you felt the urge to appear to do be doing something and acted on the irresistible knee-jerk reflex.

That was kinda dumb.


You are a cricket sporting body. It is not your place to make gun control statements. You are there to focus on winning cricket matches, managing your team, looking after your sponsors, and do whatever else a cricket body does.

Please stay in your lane, and stop acting like dunces. Your fans and supporters will really appreciate it.

3 thoughts on “Stupidity is infectious.

  1. You are perfectly correct gun control is infectious. It is designed to be infectious. That is the purpose of propaganda. I always wonder at the firearm organisations complacency and foolishness of watching gun control infect the public with fear.

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  2. You cannot control a lawless element!
    Stop disarming those who wish to uphold the law with ridiculous gun control measures….. you are only making the lives of criminals that much easier!

    Those who worked for their licenses deserve to keep them.


  3. I really hate to see people make elitist comments like that and actually believe they have a point. The only point you have is in supporting gun control and demanding others do as well. Sorry but those are the facts.

    Those who worked for their licences earned them in order to be firearm owners. It’s the price of ownership firearm organisations could not be bothered to object to. That is all the FCA is and provably serves no useful purpose to anyone except government. Those who pass the test are no better than any other citizen and if they had any sense they would be objecting and working towards rejecting the FCA and the NEW amendments recently published.


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