SAGA Responds to President Jacob Zuma

The South African Gunowners’ Association (SAGA) have responded to the South African President’s comments with a media release.

5 August 2015


The South African Gunowners’ Association (SAGA) extends its sincere condolences to the family and friends of all police officers and all other victims of crime who have been killed by the perpetrators of unscrupulous and heinous criminal acts.

During a recent visit to Katlehong to talk to family and friends of police officials who had been killed at the hands of criminals over the last few months, the President asked, correctly in our view, whether police were being too “soft” and “democratic” when dealing with criminals. He then said that he thought the “nation has to explain how the police must protect themselves and the country” and whether the police should be killed by criminals because they must be “soft” and “democratic” when facing criminals?

It is unfortunate that the President then embarked on the bandwagon of disarmament. How often must it be repeated that people kill, not guns, or, for that matter, any weapon? SAGA and all other law-abiding citizens believe that criminals and all other incompetent people who possess firearms must be disarmed. Disarming the “good guys” is nothing but complicity to violent crime.

While allegations of corruption, mismanagement, lack of discipline, inadequate training, incompetence, lengthy response time to emergency calls, etc. in the Police Service are continually being made, the lawful firearm owner is often the first responder to violent crime. After all, she or he is on the crime scene and if armed and adequately trained, is the most efficient way to thwart an unlawful and violent attack.

Advocates for disarmament of citizens are quick to point out that only law enforcement officials should possess firearms. The killing (and robbing) of police officials is a clear demonstration as to why law-abiding citizens must not be disarmed.

We wish to emphasize that the Constitution and the law bind all peoples of the country, the President, ministers, politicians, government officials, law enforcement personnel and private citizens. The law is clear as to the circumstances under which a person may lawfully take the life of another. We must all abide by this. Police officials should not demand stronger powers to give them special “killing rights”. No, what the police need are proper and effective training, the right equipment, discipline and the correct attitude that is required of a police official.

Our judicial system has all the powers at their disposal to effectively deal with criminals who thrive on violence and especially those who attack and kill police officers or home occupiers. Attacking and killing law enforcement officials or performing acts of violence on victims of crimes such as housebreaking with intent to commit a crime, rape or robbery constitute aggravating circumstances, which justify life imprisonment.

This media statement is issued in the interest of all law-abiding citizens and in the protection of the rights of lawful and responsible firearm owners.

7 thoughts on “SAGA Responds to President Jacob Zuma

  1. Pity that they forgot to mention that only 5% off murders are committed by firearms as per SA Stats. Plus who will protect us from knife wielding, stick hitting, and stone throwing criminals? And those that use an axe or just plain brute force to overpower their victims? Just asking (for trouble).

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  2. Well I suppose one could say licking boots is doing “something” if that is what you are getting at. Something is an excuse, a nothing, a lie used over and over again it is past its sell by date.

    So let me ask what is this “something” and what will it get? I have yet to see any firearm organisation actually define what it is doing or intends. Let me put it this way, mindlessly bumbling around not knowing where one is going or even what one wants is about as useless and unproductive as one can get. For 20+ years firearm organisations have been doing “something”. How’s is that working so far? What have they learnt in 20 years of failure? Do they now know how to win based on that failure? What they have learnt would not fill the back of a postage stamp.

    So do be so kind as to inform me and others what John Welch hoped to achieve by that show of appeasement and elitism. Note the word elitism carefully as it is exactly what is being practised and propagandised now.

    I want you in all honesty to tell me if years back if John had been an ANC official how many members the ANC would have after that show? Try as you might there is little difference between the ANC fight and this one. Just like the ANC had no chance of convincing government no matter how right it was. Firearm organisations do not even know how politics works yet. PR what the heck is that? Win? Why do we want to we can still shoot. All is well in fairy land.

    I’ll take my hat off to anyone who works to achieve firearm ownership rights and safety for every citizen. I despise the elicits who want better faster gun control as the enemy within and they are. OK I failed the Dale Carnegie course. I’m tired, old and cantankerous. People who cannot think don’t interest me.

    Gunservant is a forward organisation with some good ideas but sadly missing on implementation or direction. I’m willing to answer any question on winning this fight but “how to win” is not one of them. People need to start thinking for a change. I’ll play with their ideas and give my opinion of them and the analysis. Would that be more constructive?

    It could have been a lot worse.


      • You seem to have missed my point/s was that deliberate? We are all one person and a keyboard. It is what we do with it that counts.

        One of the first requirements of any action is to have a clear vision of what is wanted ultimately. A final goal. Without that what in your words would be the result? Give me your very best analysis of the impact of that one single aspect. Then tell me what is any firearm organisations goal as well as your own. Good place to start? Let’s play with the truth no matter what. Maybe you should make that a separate continuing blog as I suggested. It’s advertising, it’s a draw card and it is examining to find the TRUTH in order to improve our chances of success. We all want to win why not do it right. You have my email address if you want to discuss it further.


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