VF+ Stands Up for All South African Gun Owners

Below follows the official press release by the VF+ regarding President Jacob Zuma’s comments about gun ownership in South Africa.

It would be great if a larger opposition party like the Democratic Alliance could be bothered to respond in a similar fashion. Alas they are as silent as the grave regarding the subject. I hope they can redeem themselves of this rather poor showing. Opposition voters: it is up to you to contact your parties and make sure that they make your voices heard on this matter.



SUBJECT                :           Zuma ignorant about firearms

ISSUED BY              :           Dr. Pieter Groenewald

CAPACITY               :           FF Plus chief spokesperson: Police

DATE                       :          5 August 2015

President Jacob Zuma’s remarks that the possibility of making South Africa a gun-free country attests of his ignorance, Dr. Pieter Groenewald, the VF Plus’ chief spokesperson on the Police said.

Dr. Groenewald said that although everyone condemns the murders of police members, attention should be given to the training and alertness of police members. Proper training and “street survival” should take place.

“This is not the first time that Zuma has made such remarks. In 2009 he said in Tzaneen in Limpopo that there are too many firearms in the hands of civilians and as a result of this people are murdered.

“The reality is that the police themselves have poor control over their firearms and many are stolen from the police. The firearms registry division of the police is in chaos and shows poor management. Legal firearm owners aren’t the problem, but the poor management of the police and illegal firearms.

“In countries such as Canada, New Zeeland and Australia studies have shown that violent crime increases when civilians are disarmed. Zuma is quick to say the police should shoot when firearms are pointed at them, but what about the general public?

“Civilians are exposed to criminals with firearms more often than members of the police. The minister himself says that criminals have R5 and AK47 automatic rifles. The public does not have such weapons, only the police and defence force.

“It is a myth to believe that civilians without firearms will cause a decline in crime. The opposite is true,” Dr. Groenewald said.

Dr. Pieter Groenewald

3 thoughts on “VF+ Stands Up for All South African Gun Owners

  1. The idea that any political party will just support ans champion a cause came from some misguided idiot. Is reason and logic not part of our thinking that we must stop and simply juts parrot what some utter fools thinks. Why would any political party just support a cause? Have they got money to spare and waste on this cause? Now that on it own shoots this idea down but there is more. The people who ask are well known for not being able to organise a pissup in a brewery and could not deliver one single vote to that party. Could not get one person to get off their bum and support any initiative forwarding firearm ownership. Could get not one firearm rights supporter to put a foot on the pavement and be seen protesting and support for the party and organisation that supports him or her.

    It’s that simple. It is call utterly irresponsible thinking from leadership that they do not even bother to educate themselves first and then pick up the rightful action of defeating these abominable laws.


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