Is a gun-free South Africa an attainable goal?

Original piece by Sivuyile Ncuthushe, published on News24 and reproduced here without omissions and with minor editing, and with his permission.

Is a Gun Free South Africa an attainable goal?The South African crime rate has gone to the stage where I would personally say it is uncontrollable. What went wrong? There are so many factors that contribute to this. Others are of the view that we employed a qualified social worker to command the police instead of Bheki Cele who had applied the shoot-to-kill rule.

While Bheki Cele was in office the national crime level decreased from 2 196 948 to 2 168 259. Since Phiyega took over the stats show that the crime level increased again up to a level of 2 255 751[1]. The numbers have said it all. This means changes in police management had an impact on crime stats. Not forgetting that there were also complaints that Bheki Cele made the police trigger-happy. Nevertheless this is not the only contributing factor.

Many people and organizations say the problem is the number of guns in circulation in the country to such an extent that they call for gun-free South Africa. Last week in Cape Town a police officer was stabbed to death with a knife whilst carrying his gun. A number of police officers were reported to be shot and killed during the past two weeks including the latest one. May their souls rest in peace. This makes me worried because these are people who are trained and paid to protect us, how are they going to do that if they can’t protect themselves? Last year I wrote an article about the crime rate where I examined and discussed the competence of the police. I am not going to expand into details about that, but ask yourself: are these people competent enough to protect us?

When ANC President Mr Jacob Zuma visited the family of the deceased police officer he said that the question South Africans should ask themselves is if we should have a gun-free South Africa, or if we should keep our guns and die? Speaking of a gun-free South Africa, how is that even going to be possible? Does this actually mean that people should turn-in their firearms? As I explained in my previous article, only the licenced guns will be returned. So if you want to have a gun-free South Africa you must realise that it is not possible, because unlicenced guns are circulating and some are still entering the country. How do you dry the river if you did not stop the water flow from coming, or at least redirect them? Unlicenced firearms are more plentiful than licenced guns. If you check the statistics, by far the most crimes committed in South Africa are not committed with licenced guns, but with unlicenced guns. As an example, Lucky Dube was said to be shot with a gun that was not South African registered, and you know that as freedom fighters we had a way to bring guns from other countries into South Africa. If you did that, do you think others can’t do it? Let’s say we agree that we want gun-free South Africa and that we hand over our guns; do you think criminals are going to surrender their unlicenced guns? Why doesn’t Mr. Zuma just say that South Africans need to decide and deliberate on whether we should have a “licenced gun-free South Africa” so that criminals can kill us as we are defenseless, or rather that we should have guns than die trying to protect ourselves with nothing?

I agree with the statement that guns don’t just kill people, but rather that people kill each other. The question that needs to be discussed is what the causes of the high crime-rate are, and once that question is answered we can begin to discuss the measures to prevent or diminish it. Crime is caused by many factors that all need to be addressed equally. You can’t just say it is because there are many guns in circulation. Even if there are no guns, knives will be used to perpetrate crime. If there are no knives, stones or sticks or will be used. Or hands. Who said people can’t kill without any of these?

When is the ANC government of old people going to learn that before any problem can be solved, it needs to be clearly defined?

By Sivuyile Thanklord Crisboy Ncuthushe



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4 thoughts on “Is a gun-free South Africa an attainable goal?

  1. The gun control alliance research by MRC was refuted many years ago If memory is correct by Paul Oxley and myself. Ms Abrams will be aware of the glaring faults and incorrect assumptions made not even on correlation but counter to their own data. Somebody with a record of SALGO postings can provide the discussion and letters refuting this study.

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  2. It’s such a crazy statement, given that the firearms used to commit crimes are either stolen or simply illegally acquired. By “gun free” does this mean that totally disarmament of police, the military, security companies, and legally armed and compliant citizens? I guess if we have that the criminals making use of knives, blunt and random objects, and guns are going to commit all their crimes unarmed from now on or maybe even give up crime altogether 😉

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  3. It is simply an extension of GFSA’s goal and strategy of blaming guns rather than the reality of the person who pulls the trigger and commits the crime.

    Correctly called propaganda when all the elements are examined. GFSA knows as well as you or I it is a lie but lies are acceptable to GFSA to obtain it’s goal.


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