12 thoughts on “Guns Do Not Cause Crime

  1. I sent a link to this site to a Senior Executive Producer friend of mine at eNCAnews. Hopefully they will at least discuss the possibility of showing a different view than the rubbish GFSA/SAPS line.

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  2. Thank you for information. It is all about creating incorrect and false perceptions in the public domain. Numerous wars were started based on incorrect perceptions. Unfortunately making false, misleading and incorrect statements as “factoids” are not against the law as there is no law against “factoids”.

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  3. No kidding! Gun don’t cause crimes, that should be common sense. Guns, however, do make much easier to perform a violent act with minimal effort.

    Ask yourself this question: If you were getting robbed, would you rather have a gun pointed in your face while having a gun under the counter OR in a scenario where neither you or the robber has a gun?


    • I would rather be robbed by someone wielding a gun than by someone wielding a knife. Also, how would one remove guns from society? Gun control removes firearms from law abiding citizens, yet criminals retain theirs and source them easily from the State (police and military), or from former struggle-era caches, or across borders via smugglers. So a gun-free society will never, ever exist: criminals will ALWAYS have guns.


    • As a case in point, since after 1994 “several hundred thousand” (the exact figure has not been released by the South African Government) weapons belonging to the former homeland nations’ security forces went missing and remain unaccounted for. This is mostly military-grade stuff like R4 and R5 assault rifles et cetera. The South African National Defence Force today in Parliament admitted to losing over 33 000 rounds of ammunition over the last two years…and that is the number they are *willing* to come clean about. The State is directly supplying criminals with military weapons and ammunition through negligence and corruption. Yet people keep saying the law-abiding citizens are the bad guys? C’mon!


      • I see your points and understand this is a certain challenge we are faced with. I don’t feel the responsible, law abiding citizens are the problem, until they become a problem. This scenario can occur when an individual is within this fine group of folks and then their mental state changes for whatever possible reason. In light of their newly formulated feelings, they decide to go fill the void in their soul. Or when a nice young boy gets picked on at school and then decides he’s not taking any further abuse. It seems that events like these happen a bit to frequently to ignore.

        I don’t think the solution to the stolen arms is to give everyone else one.


      • In society there is always a cost-benefit trade-off. In your country of 300 000 000 people coming from diverse backgrounds and economic situations, the rate of violence is still easily low enough for it to be considered shocking when an atrocity occurs. However, perhaps it is time that Americans stop focusing so much on the gun issue, and start asking the very uncomfortable question as to why so many of your fellow countrymen are walking around harbouring feelings of such intense hatred that they are willing to kill other Americans for no good reason. It is, frankly, not normal or rational for people to behave this way.


      • I can’t argue with that, but now it’s legal to carry a gun around to any place, unless there’s a no guns sign on the door, I guess. I was a bit concerned on how that will pan out and I can’t say I’m comfortable

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      • I reckon that the folks who tend to carry to places where they are allowed to by law are not a concern. It is the crackpot who shouldn’t be mixing with society at all that worries me.


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