GOSA advice pertaining to expired licence cards.

With regards to what to do if your white licence card is expired:

It is ultimately up to the individual to decide what they want to do in this regard, but bear in mind that advice on this forum is only as good as free advice ever gets. The date of the court case pertaining to this issue has been moved to October, but at least there is an official date set for it now.

The intention of the police, and the law for that matter, is to levy a fine on the processing of late and expired card renewals. This was clearly stipulated in the draft amendments of 2015, which has now been swept off the table due to issues with the draft as a whole. When these amendments are eventually billed, they will include the provisions for an administrative fine.

The SAPS has no facility or intention of safe-keeping firearms voluntarily handed in: if you decide to hand in firearms for which the cards have expired, understand that you will very likely NEVER see these weapons ever again. They will be destroyed and that will be the end of that. This is a fact.

Your options are to keep quiet and wait for the court case to run its course (which you are fully entitled to do, and you are not breaking any laws), hand your firearms in to the SAPS for destruction, or find a dealer willing to take them onto their dealer’s stock (shop around for willing dealers, there are many).

We advise you to become paid-up members of GOSA and utilise our legal team if you are serious about keeping your firearms. They can be reached at issueswithcfr@gmail.com

Officially, the GOSA Team.

It is my (Gunservant’s) personal view that if you want good advice, you are best served forking out a little money (and so-doing contributing to the fight for gun rights at the same time) and getting it from a suitably qualified person. The FDD has been doing sterling work, and I am glad it put my money where my mouth is.

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