GOSA Needs You

On 24 November (*CORRECTION*), which is little under a week from now, the Dealers Association will be in court in order to hopefully find a solution to the expired licence saga that affects thousands upon thousands of lawful firearm owners: by allowing owners to hand their firearms in to dealers in order to reapply for their expired licences.

This is an issue that impacts the gun owning community at large, and because of this Gun Owners South Africa (GOSA) has decided to back the Dealers Association’s court action financially. In the highly unlikely event that the action fails, the Dealers Association would be significantly harmed financially whilst acting in our interests as gun owners. If they did not receive GOSA’s backing, it was highly unlikely that they would have proceeded with this case.

Put simply, we cannot afford any further delay whilst waiting for another organisation to take this matter to court. Doing so would drag the matter well into late 2017, leaving gun owners with expired licences in the lurch.

GOSA has pledged R200 000 to the Dealers Association’s court action.

GOSA needs YOU to help us raise this money. The difference this funding will make to the lives of thousands of law-abiding gun owners, and your own interests, is potentially massive.

Any and all donations are welcome, and can be deposited as described below:

Please mark all donations clearly as: “GOSA support for Dealers Association legal case”

Gun Owners SA
Nedbank Stellenbosch
ACB Code 107110, some banking platforms may require 198765
Account No 2008673626

Note that some banking platforms may require you to list the account as “Savings”

Please send a mail confirming deposits to donations@gunownerssa.org

11 thoughts on “GOSA Needs You

  1. Can GOSA get the necessary media coverage and through the media do a shoutout to both the firearm owners as well as those who regrettably handed in their firearm due to misinformation by SAPS.?

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  2. Hi guys, I am seconding the idea of an sms system it will make things easier for some of us.Please attend to it as a matter of urgency. I am really looking forward to contribute.

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