GOSA Girls on Fire: 16 Days of Activism

It is that time of year again, and in response to the 16 Days of Activism against violence perpetrated towards women and children GOSA has launched its 2016 Girls of Fire campaign.

The purpose of the initiative is to breed awareness among women that they do not have to be defenceless victims, and that they have the power to fight back and protect themselves and their children. The rallying cry of #VictimNoLonger is used to spread the message, and so doing encourage women to empower themselves as victors instead of being victims.

As part of the Girls on Fire campaign women are invited to submit cameos and memes featuring themselves and the message they want to communicate.

There will be a competition where the best meme will be selected, and the winner will receive a fairly awesome sponsored prize.

Details of the campaign, and the cocktail functions hosted in both Johannesburg and Cape Town are published below.

For further information please visit the GOSA Facebook group.

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