BREAKING NEWS: FCA Amendment Bill Withdrawn

It was today confirmed that the Minister of Police has withdrawn the proposed amendments (2015) to the Firearms Control Act.

This means that the proposals for the application of microdots to firearms, the ballistic fingerprinting of firearms, and the limit of only two semi-automatic long guns for dedicated sport shooters and dedicated hunters (except with compelling motivation) are now scrapped.

Unfortunately much needed amendments, such as the one where the late renewal of firearm licences are punished by an administrative fine that must be paid before the documents are processed, have also been scrapped.

This means that the matter of expired licences will only be dealt with in the upcoming April court cases.

None the less, I personally see this development as a massive victory for South African gun owners. The fact that some sort of common sense has prevailed at government level is a clear indicator at how effective an organised, motivated, and proactive firearm rights movement can be at facilitating change.

We can celebrate this victory. We must, however, keep bolstering our strength and organising our structures, because another amendment is sure to follow this one. In fact, an entire revision of the Act may be in store for us. If we do not want the government and anti-gun organisations to saddle us with further unworkable restrictions, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels.

Well done to each and every person out there that supports South African gun rights. You are the true stars of this show, and you deserve a pat on the back. Let’s take this train forward, folks.

The fight goes on.

10 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: FCA Amendment Bill Withdrawn

  1. There never was a bill. Only a draft. Nothing was ever tabled in parliament so nothing was ever at a status that required “withdrawing”. Somewhere there is a misnomer in whatever is currently happening with this draft.
    Whatever its current status may be, there remains an urgent need for some amendments, so without actually knowing what exactly is the intent of the legislators, who can positively say which of the aspects will appear in the next version and which won’t?


    • The fact is the original draft of the proposed bill is canned. Whatever comes next will involve a new process from square one again. Only the legislators know what their intents are regarding the next step, but the draft of 2015 is now officially dead and buried. Perhaps the needed and workable aspects of it will be resurrected for the new draft, perhaps not.


      • Thanks for the information. For the record. The Police Civilian Secretariat was going to table the amendments before December 2015. Then when they missed that date, it was promised to be tabled in the beginning of 2016. Then towards the end of 2016. Now off the table. My personal opinion is that the combined efforts of many “activists” made it clear that we are keenly aware of what is happening. The previous proposed amendments where rushed through at the end of December 2014. This time around many eyes made it more difficult. And as GFSA follows this blog, I am sure that they will comment on this in their own Website as well.

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