Feedback: Meeting between GOSA, WC Dealers, and SAPS

Feedback regarding the meeting between GOSA, representing a large group of WC Dealers, and the SAPS (CFR) last Wednesday, 7 June. In summary, the meeting was was highly constructive and the outcome positive. The result is due to the involvement of our membership base, and the contributions of the paying members made it possible.

  1. Over the past couple of months there were some engagements, occasionally robust, between GOSA (represented by Clark Attorneys and counsel) and the SAPS legal team due to GOSA’s assistance to a large number of the dealers in the Western Cape.
  2. The nature of the engagement covers a broad spectrum, and includes correspondence, litigation, and lobbying actions by GOSA.
  3. During a meeting with the SAPS held on 7 June 2017, discussions took place that can only be accurately referred to as having been very constructive.
  4. GOSA is very optimistic that many of the challenges faced by its members (and the firearms dealers) in their interaction with the SAPS regarding licensing and the administration of the Firearms Control System is currently being acrively addressed by the SAPS.
  5. GOSA’s representatives also referred the SAPS representatives to the availibility of E-Connectivity solutions that will improve the administration of the Firearms Control System. It was confirmed earlier today that the SAPS is already following up on this matter. This will improve service delivery, and will also vastly advance the ability of the SAPS to properly administer their legislative duties regarding control over firearms.
  6. The SAPS also indicated that there will be no further prosecutions for the current failures of some people to re-license their firearms in time, as this issue will specifically be attended to with an amnesty that the SAPS will propose to parliament, and furthermore that they are working on a system that will improve service delivery and administrative justice, in particular with regards to the printing of license cards. GOSA also supports the new Minister’s views that with improved efficiency in the administration of the firearms control system, more members of the SAPS can in actual fact be made available to perform police work on the streets, where it is desperately needed. Further information will follow soon.
  7. The meeting lasted more than 5 hours, and there were many other positive outcomes from the meeting. Further information will follow in due course.
  8. GOSA wishes to thank all its supporters for their contributions and support, that assisted in making this possible.

6 thoughts on “Feedback: Meeting between GOSA, WC Dealers, and SAPS

  1. This looks very optimistic! Hope the amnesty will allow me to apply for a firearm which currently has an expired license!


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