What is Gunservant?

Gunservant.com is a place where you can read about the latest developments at the sharp-edge of the South African gun ownership debate. I believe that all people have the right to defend themselves and their loved ones, and that the most effective way to do so is through the responsible use of firearms. Firearm ownership is seen as a privilege by some, and as an inalienable right by many others. I fall into the latter category.

The name Gunservant is derived from Manservant, a man who serves others, and Gun. I am thus here to serve my readers with news, opinions, and information about firearm related topics.

If you have anything you want to submit for publication, please send it to gunservant at gmail.com

I am an entirely self-funded blog, and I write about the subjects I choose because I am passionate about them. This is also a way for me to counter the misinformation and inaccuracies that circulate regarding firearms and the ownership of them in South Africa, and the world.

Molon Labe.

Blog photograph courtesy of Somerset West Pistol Club: swpc.co.za

3 thoughts on “What is Gunservant?

  1. First I’d like t commend you for a fine effort in building a movement that does not lie down and surrender when faced with protecting their own safety and that of their family. I have yet to come to terms with those who give up so easily though I can sympathise in that they have no leadership worthy of the name.

    Firearm owners need an organisation that has the courage of its convictions and above all will protect the rights of member from all. What possible negotiation is their in your safety that should not be afforded to all members? No member wants to be represented by a bunch of wimps that are going to fold at the slightest provocation or difficulty. In the same light leadership that thinks they can fight this fight on behalf of huge number is delusional. Members need to be encouraged to value their rights and safety sufficiently that nobody can slander or attempt to belittle our proud record.

    Three things. Expand
    publish in a public forum such as mynews24
    have a submission box or email address
    think about a message forum.

    This fight cannot be won without public support. It will be lost by being arrogant or foolish enough to think it can. That was known in 1999 when SAFF was started.

    And try to lose the legal/illegal distinction. It implies registration is a good thing and acceptable/desired.

    Go well


  2. It is a sad period for me after putting in some fifteen years of fighting for firearm owners that we are now even further down the road to just being a branch of GFSA and government. That’s right firearm owners have been mislead into being no more than government lackies and gun control promoters. I never thought that day would happen and certainly never thought I would see it.

    A recent SAGA release reads
    Dear Network Member,

    After the recent interactions in Parliament between Firearms Advocacy groups and the SAPS we have been invited by CFR to furnish them with a list of service delivery issues as experienced by the public, in order that these issues can be addressed.

    We are therefore appealing to you to assist us. Also, please add your inputs on constructive proposals on how to address these issues.

    With your help we can positively influence the current situation, to the benefit of all firearms owners.

    Now most are so indoctrinated with firearm organisation excuses for not protecting your rights and fighting gun control they will not even see anything wrong with this request. Let me give a different view of the same request this time it comes from an organisation each and everyone knows was successful in protecting members rights, the ANC writes to members.

    After recent consultation with parliament and the SAPS anti-apartheid groups have been invited by the Department of Home Affairs to deliver a list of service delivery issues as experienced by the public in order that these issues can be resolved.

    The ANC appeals to you to assist us and with your help we can positively influence current legislation to the benefit of all blacks.

    How many members does anyone think the ANC would have had the next day?

    Why do firearm owners put up with such cravenly cowardly leadership that will not even fight of our lives and safety? Leadership is supposed to protect members interests and rights not hand over our rights on a plate or try to curry favour with those who would deprive citizens of their right to life, safety and freedom. Did we fight for our rights and negotiate a settlement in order to be turned into subjects who have to beg government to protect them? Are we broken demoralised and beaten people without leadership worthy of the name?


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