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It is Official: 1 April Firearm Amnesty Dead

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Policing today poured ice cold water over the SAPS’ proposal for a six-month firearm amnesty starting 1 April. The proposal is not only dead in the water; it is sunk like the Battleship Bismarck.

Committee Chair Francois Beukman made it unambiguously clear that in order for the proposed amnesty to comply with the law, it requires the approval of Parliament.

Approval that was never sought.

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The Dangers of a Firearm Amnesty

Last week saw the announcement to cabinet of a firearms amnesty for 2017. Despite many South Africans sitting in a legal grey area of expired firearm licence cards, they were to find no proposed respite from their predicament: disappointingly, the amnesty very specifically targets the circulation of illicitly-held firearms, and the statements offered give no indication of there being any effort to solving the expired licence card debacle before the onset of a court case pertaining to the matter in April.

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Confirmed: Draft Firearm Amendment Bill Withdrawn

On 30 January we published an article pertaining to the withdrawal of the proposed amendment bill to the FCA. This caused quite a stir, and we were accused of peddling “fake news” among other equally flattering charges. Most of this due to keeping our source within Parliament confidential, as is good practice under the circumstances.

We received the latest SAGA Snippets for the month of February via email yesterday, the contents of which confirm what we reported on:

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Guns ‘n Hollywood

Movies and TV have a strange relationship with guns. On the one hand you regularly have some actor coming out and declaring him or herself anti-gun. This is to be expected from people who are mostly liberal democrats. On the other hand you have lots and lots of guns in movies. Guns add drama, conflict and even humour. Frankly, without guns in movies and TV, there would be far fewer movies and TV series made, and what would be available to watch would be pretty boring.

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Firearm Personality Type Indicator

Like a polished pair of leather soled shoes, a tailored suit, or a pair of designer sunglasses your choice of carry handgun can say much about the type of person you are. Except not. And nobody is supposed to see it anyway. But given enough creative freedom and psychoanalysis (imbued with fruit from the vine), we can divine some uncannily accurate personality judgements of each brand:

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