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It is Official: 1 April Firearm Amnesty Dead

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Policing today poured ice cold water over the SAPS’ proposal for a six-month firearm amnesty starting 1 April. The proposal is not only dead in the water; it is sunk like the Battleship Bismarck.

Committee Chair Francois Beukman made it unambiguously clear that in order for the proposed amnesty to comply with the law, it requires the approval of Parliament.

Approval that was never sought.

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The Dangers of a Firearm Amnesty

Last week saw the announcement to cabinet of a firearms amnesty for 2017. Despite many South Africans sitting in a legal grey area of expired firearm licence cards, they were to find no proposed respite from their predicament: disappointingly, the amnesty very specifically targets the circulation of illicitly-held firearms, and the statements offered give no indication of there being any effort to solving the expired licence card debacle before the onset of a court case pertaining to the matter in April.

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GOSA 2016/17 Annual Report

GOSA has just short of 23 000 members at present. Although the majority of these members have joined us via FaceBook, they are not merely followers/supporters. Each of them has asked to be a member and has been vetted and accepted. Many of these members have responded to our requests for financial and other support on a regular basis. We are justifiably proud of each of these members and value them highly.
In addition to this and in order to enable us to accomplish certain other of our strategic goals we introduced a paid membership model in January of 2016.

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The amaHlubi and the BaSotho Gun War: How Gun Control Led to Bloodshed

It is well known that the ongoing struggle for firearm rights in South Africa has a rather tumultuous history. What is perhaps less well known, is that twice in the late 1800s the fight for the right to keep and bear arms involved actual bloodshed. Both upheavals were caused when the British colonial authority attempted to assert imperial control over indigenous tribes by curtailing their ability to own and use firearms. A government using gun control in order to subjugate free people is a tale as old as time, even in South Africa.

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I am more dedicated than you: a fallacy

Professional jealousy and good-natured rivalry has always been a pervasive (and welcome) feature of shooting sports. Unfortunately, there is also a darker flipside to this phenomenon, and every so often it rears its ugly head and spoils the mood for everybody. What I am referring to is the “I am more dedicated than you” mindset that infects some members of the sport shooting community, and the dangerously divisive effect it has on us.

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Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheeple?

I have recently become more perturbed by the behaviour of tech companies than usual. No, it is not so much that they release bug-ridden apps and programs to paying users, or severely overprice their consumer products without adding any meaningful innovation, or even that they spy on their customers at the behest of government.

No, my gripe with these flannel-wearing, Silicon Valley-dwelling, socially maladjusted pissants is that they indulge in incessant virtue signalling.

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Gunservant gets Whipped

I was recently surprised to learn that Ben Trovato (of Whipping Boy fame) had not only found my blog and actually read some of it, but proceeded to write a satirical piece about it. Well, it was not so much a piece about the blog as it were a commentary about an article written by Lynette Oxley I published some months ago. Never the less, by some mysterious machinations Mister Trovato had located and locked-on to my relatively obscure publication, and proceeded to fire across the bow.

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