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Terror Attacks: Hyperbole versus Reality

An intentional motor vehicle accident occurred. During this accident several people were injured and three were killed. The suspect then stabbed an unarmed police officer, after which the suspect was shot by another responding and armed police officer. All of these events preceded the dramatic overreaction which forced the world to hold its breath and watch.

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Self-Defence Mindset Fail

South Africans generally have a poor attitude towards self-defence. Those who can afford to prefer to outsource it to security companies, and place a heavy reliance on passive defences such as high walls, security gates, and alarm systems.

All of those things have their place, but none of them replace the individual’s ability (and responsibility) to actively defend themselves when their person comes under attack.

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It is Official: 1 April Firearm Amnesty Dead

The Parliamentary Portfolio Committee on Policing today poured ice cold water over the SAPS’ proposal for a six-month firearm amnesty starting 1 April. The proposal is not only dead in the water; it is sunk like the Battleship Bismarck.

Committee Chair Francois Beukman made it unambiguously clear that in order for the proposed amnesty to comply with the law, it requires the approval of Parliament.

Approval that was never sought.

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The Dangers of a Firearm Amnesty

Last week saw the announcement to cabinet of a firearms amnesty for 2017. Despite many South Africans sitting in a legal grey area of expired firearm licence cards, they were to find no proposed respite from their predicament: disappointingly, the amnesty very specifically targets the circulation of illicitly-held firearms, and the statements offered give no indication of there being any effort to solving the expired licence card debacle before the onset of a court case pertaining to the matter in April.

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